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    Young Driver Merit Award:

In 2014 ROADwhyz launched the Young Driver Merit Award program. Students are nominated for the award. The program awards no less than two young drivers aged 16 or above and or in current year 11 or 12 studies an opportunity to take 5 driving lessons with a Certified Driving Instructor for FREE saving them a cost of approximately $350.00.

The sponsorship program is designed to allow other like minded community or business groups to play a role in keeping young drivers safe.

The sponsorship program provides a chance that some students might otherwise miss out on, an opportunity to have lessons from an instructor.

The lessons will be booked through a pre organised driving instructor approved by members of the ROADwhyz team. Once the driving instructor has been given notice of the successful applicant the booking process is between the young driver, their parents and or carers and the instructor. No further assistance will be required by the sponsee.

The term of the ‘Sponsorship’ will be for no shorter than 12 months and can be extended by the same sponsor for future years if they request

Objectives of the ROADwhyz program /Sponsorship Program:

  • To provide information to novice drivers on the common causes of crashes and the legal consequences of reckless and risk taking behaviour.
  • To provide information to novice drivers on the consequences/impact of motor vehicle crashes including injuries and death on relatives, family, friends and the community as a whole
  • To provide novice drivers with information to empower them to make safer road user behaviour choices.
  • To provide a minimum of 5 Instructor guided driving lesions for no less than two young drivers per year

What’s in it for you as the Sponsor?

  • The right to use the ROADwhyz logo and information to promote the sponsorship opportunity to like minded groups
  • The promotion of said group or business by way of logo, print material and information in the ‘supporters’ section of the ROADwhyz website and in the student packs handed out on the day of the presentation
  • Further reinforcing the community spirit by which you, the sponsee abide and as such building rapport and goodwill amongst the community

Sponsorship Structure and Cost

There will be one level of sponsorship; this will be achieved by a one off payment for the 12 month period. This payment will be $1000.00 if the said group or organisation wishes to contribute more to ensure an extra student has this opportunity it will be fine to do so.

If the said group or business wishes this to be an ongoing sponsorship for more than 12 months then an amount agreed by all parties will be accepted to ensure this sponsorship continues in its current form for an agreed term eg: A business or community group may wish to sponsor 4 students over a 2 year period this would incur a contribution of $2000.00

Please use the 'Contact us' tab if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. 

Sponsor Servicing

  • Administration of the sponsorship program will be handled by a member of the ROADwhyz team
  • Selection of the applicant will be jointly made by a member of the school and the ROADwhyz team based on completion of the application form.
  • Liaising with school careers advisors will be done by a member of the ROADwhyz team
  • Regular feedback/contact with the sponsor member/group via email will occur for the duration of the sponsorship program or as requested by the sponsor
  • Sponsors are given the opportunity to be present at any ROADwhyz presentation
  • Sponsors will be given access to the ROADwhyz program calendar
  • A member of the ROADwhyz team will ‘guest speak’ at a sponsors event/workplace should the need arise.

What does ROADwhyz want/ need from the sponsor?

  • A minimum of $350.00 to participate in the Sponsorship Program (Sponsorship levels below)
  • A volunteer opportunity exists to assist the ROADwhyz team at a presentation (Note: this is not a requirement of participating in the program)
  • Assistance with promotion of the ROADwhyz program in community/group or corporate newsletters if the opportunity allows.
  • Permission to use sponsors company logo and any print information in ROADwhyz promotional material or media stories.
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