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    The Program:

This community driven project was initiated in 2007 in the Hunter Valley by Sergeant Dave Collis of the NSW Highway Patrol, Paul Alexander a Paramedic from the NSW Ambulance service, Simon Thomas of the NSW Police Force and Michelle Davis an advocate for road safety. Together this team of volunteers saw an issue in the community that needed to be addressed - the ever increasing rate of young driver fatalities and injuries occurring while travelling in a motor vehicle. It was decided that an educational program had to be developed so that through clear, concise, factual and real information could be delivered.

In its first year the ROADwhyz team delivered to 6 schools. The program has now grown to 8 volunteers spread across a wide range of rescue and government services. In 2011 the NSW ROADwhyz team delivered 31 presentations and the program continues to grow in demand and has now expanded to Victoria.

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