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Program information

• What year in high school is program delivered to
The program is delivered to year 11 and 12 due to its graphic and confronting nature. It is aimed at students on their L's and P's, generally of the age 16 onwards.

• How long does the program go for

The program runs for 4 hours, generally in the hours of 9-1. The program can be modified to deliver the first two hours only which consists of presentations. It is highly recommended that the full 4 hours be shown in order for students to get the full effect of the program


• What is the program outline

The first 2 hours of ROADwhyz is presentation based, this includes talks from NSW Ambulance Paramedics, Local Police and Highway Patrol Officers and community memebers who have been touched by road trauma. The students then have a 20-30 minute break (this is dictated by the school recess etc). Following the break the students form small groups and begin the workshop component of the program,allowing them a more personal interaction with allpresenters on the day. This is an important part of the progra as it allows some de-briefing time for students to discuss what they have seen and heard.


• How much does the program cost

To the student: The program cost is $5.00 per student, this covers the cost of an information pack the students recieve on the day as well as the prizes that are given away at the end of the day.

To the school: The school will be asked to photo copy some documents/handouts that the students recieve on the day.

All donations to the program are gratefully recieved as ROADwhyz is not government funded and relies totally on community support


• How do I make a booking

Simply click on the 'contact us' link in the top menu bar to select the state contact details you are looking for

• My learner driver is no longer in school, how do I get them to see the program

ROADwhyz holds approximately 4 community events per year, the dates for these events will be on the website calendar, it will also be advertised on local radio. If you join the site and become a member you will also receive and email detailing when and where the event will be held


• Can you deliver the program in a TAFE campus or workplace

ROADwhyz delivers a shortened version of the presentation part of the program in a TAFE/workplace environment, this will include the talk from the NSW Ambulance Paramedic, the showing of graphic footage, a talk from a community member/s touched by road trauma and a talk from local Police (where possible). Usually in either of these locations the program will go for no shorter than 1.5 hours. This cannot be modified. The cost for a workplace or TAFE campus will be $150.00


• Is ROADwhyz available in any other state of Australia

ROADwhyz is currently available in NSW Hunter Valley and Victoria.

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