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Personal thoughts of road trauma victim

Posted by ROADwhyz on January 11, 2012 at 5:55 AM

Dear Michelle, Paul and team of ROADwhyz,

I have watched the 'Sunday night deadly teenage crash ROADwhyz' video Via Youtube. It touched and hit close to home as i am sixteen and have just recently lost my best friend. Shanae Lyall (16 years old) died along with her Brother Troy(21) in a horrific Car accident On the York peninsular South Australia 2km out of Bute. Drinking, and speeding was involved, full car and two out of the 5 people died with all other people in the car seriously injured.

Shanae has been my best friend for the last few years, practically like my sister. The pain of losing her has been enormous, beyond explanation. I wouldnt wish this pain upon anyone, and as you do to, i want to stop this. People dont have to die, people dont have to go through this grief, its unfair and wrong.

No one should ever go through the pain of such a loss especially at this age. Teenagers seem to believe that we are invincible, we have heard it all before. There are commercials, Radio Adds, campaigns, but its just not enough. We can tell its fake, as you state there is a camera man here and over there, its all so unrealistic in our minds. The cold hard truth is not around enough for us to see, it should be included within our L's, it should be included within every single school in Australia. I think that the ROADwhyz program is a wonderful and powerful idea, the episode Via Sunday night was so powerful to me and it impacted thousands of viewers.

I am very interested in your program and i would love to know if your program goes interstate? South Australia, York peninsular, Kadina is going through such a horrific time as of the moment loosing such to beautiful young teenagers. Does ROADwhyz come to SA? How do i go about getting you's to come to our school, or any other program that is as cold and truthful and eye opening as yours?

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards,

Abby Muller.

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