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Poem written by a community member

Posted by ROADwhyz on January 2, 2012 at 5:50 PM

Hi There,


I wrote this poem long ago, not knowing exactly what I should do with it.


I saw a TV programme outlining your cause and what you do. I thought then, I think

this is where my poem will maybe do some good.


I cannot take full credit for the poem, as it I based it on something I had read in the

70's. Maybe written by someone like me and never recorded anywhere.


I realise it is confronting but if it makes just one person stop and think, then I am quite happy for you to use it



Kind regards




You had good intentions of not driving your car

You also had good intentions of not entering that last bar.

One more drink with friends who said “It wont kill you,mate”

Unintentionally and stupidly, you sealed your own fate.

You’re laying on the road now with strangers around you.

Arriving are cars, with lights flashing, red and blue

A paramedic check for signs of life, and shakes his head

Your lifeless body, is part of his job, he’s come to dread

You are now being referred to as “The deceased”

As you lay on the wet, cold road all bloodied and creased

You are placed into a van, the doors latched down.

Now you begin your journey to “The loneliest room in town”

They are waiting for you, at the loneliest room

It is as cold and sterile, as a tomb

There, you are stripped, tagged and hosed down

All part of the service, at the loneliest room in town.

Soon your visitor will arrive

Someone who knew you, when you were alive

The silence of the loneliest room is pierced by a cry

Of a mother screaming “That’s my son, why did he die?”

Before you are tempted to drive, full of drink

Take a moment to stop and to think

Is it worth driving, after skulling that last drink down?

Is it really worth the ride, to the loneliest room in town?

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